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0-2014 IDI 100-4T Vascular Table Motions: Height, Trendelenburg Reverse Trendelenburg, Transverse Float Float (Longitudinal) Accessories Included: Power Cord Table Switch with Pan Handle, Pad Condition: Average---Unit Powers UP Pad worn small 02-11-21 53287 2014 100-4T Table C-Arm Image Diagnostics 100-4T Image Diagnostics
1-2012 Biodex 058-878 C-Arm Table Motorized, Diving Board Style, Translucent Table Top, Low Attenuation Carbon Fiber Top, 2 Patient Pad, Up/Down Movement, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg, Lateral Tilt, Rear Locking Castor Brakes, Foot Pedal, Hand Switch, Head Cutout 02-09-21 53304 2012 Biodex 058-878 Table C-Arm Biodex
2-NEW Streamline SL-3 C-Arm Table Carbon fiber, 84 diving board style table Motorized Elevation Lateral Tilt Trendelenburg Tilt 500 lb weight limit 4 Year Warranty 12-10-20 51438 2019 Streamline SL-3 Table C-Arm Other
3-2012 Biodex 840 C-Arm Table Location: CA Available: Now 11-04-20 52929 2012 Biodex 840 Table C-Arm Biodex
4-NEW Streamline SL-1 C-Arm Table Carbon fiber, 84 diving board style table Motorized Elevation 500 lb weight limit 4 Year Warranty 10-25-20 51190 2019 Streamline SL-1 Table C-Arm Other
5-2018 STILLE IQ 2 C-ARM TABLE 07-15-20 51588 2018 IQ 2 Table C-Arm Stille IQ 2 Stille
6-2003 Biodex 056-870 Pain Management C-Arm Table Height Adjustable: 29.5" to 39.5" (75 to 100 cm) Trendelenburg: 0 to 20 Reverse Trendelenburg: 0 to 20 Isocentric Lateral Roll: 15 clockwise or counterclockwise Foot and hand switch included Mattress in good condition Available now 07-12-20 52346 2003 Biodex 056-870 Table C-Arm Biodex Biodex 056-870 Biodex
7-2018 Arcoma Medstone-Elite Mobile Imaging Table Approximately 1 to 2 years old It was never really used Original owner used it as a demo at a couple of conferences Condition: Pristine Available now Location: NC 06-11-20 51728 2018 Arcoma Medstone-Elit Table C-Arm Medstone Arcoma Medstone-Elit Medstone
8-Aspect 100-4 Imaging Table 4-way Floating Tabletop Transverse Float 8 (20.3cm) Longitudinal Travel 32 (81.3cm) 600 lb. patient capacity Cantilevered, carbon fiber tabletop with low x-ray attenuation Table top dimensions : 22/24 X 84 (55.8cm/60.96cm x 213.3 cm). Unobstructed imaging area: 68 (172 cm) or 80" (203 cm) with optional headrest Trendelenburg Tilt (12) Motorized Elevation 13 (30 43 (76-109cm) without pad. Rail-mounted panning hand control for 4-way float and motorized table movements. Includes lock-out button to prevent inadvertent motorized table movements Stainless steel pedestal and base covers Patient weight capacity: 600 lbs. (204 kg) 115/230 VAC operation Full operation from internal battery includes battery status indicator. Battery capacity14Ah 20 (6 meter) power cord Accessories included: Tabletop Pad, 2, memory foam construction Patient Restraint Straps (2) Rail-mounted panning hand control for 4-way float and motorized table movements Pendant Hand Control (provides secondary location for control of elevate, tilt and roll) 06-09-20 52271 - Aspect 100-4 Table C-Arm Aspect