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0-2008 GE LIGHTSPEED VCT 32 CT SCANNER Total body scanning and VASCULAR. XR29 2012 GE Hercules MX 240 Hercules tube with 68 Million Mas+/- installed used. and XR29. Software REV: 17HW18.4_SP4-1 V32. _ with GOC console Permanent Options: VCT32 slice VCT, Connect PRO, Data Export, Direct MPR 3D, , VCT-Hi-Power, EKG Viewer, 3000 Image series, Smart Prep, Auto Filter, Exam Split, AUTO MA, Copy Composer, Volume Viewer, Advanced VESSEL Analysis, . and Auto Bone Includes: I gantry, 1 patient table, 1 PDU, 1 operator console with monitors and Keyboard, system cables, head and phantom holder, backup software and CT phantom Coming out February 9th Location: CA 01-31-21 53254 2008 LIGHTSPEED VCT 32 32 Slice CT Scanner GE
1-2016 TOSHIBA LIGHTNING AQUILION 32 CT SCANNER Slice: 16 Row Tube: 5 MHu HeliCool (CXB-500B/1A) Tube count: 29000 seconds (Approx.) Generator: 50KW Software options: - AIDR 3D, DICOM 3.0 (MWM, Q/R SCU), Condition: Excellent. Under OEM service contract. Presently installed Images: Available on request Location: Europe 08-16-20 52544 2016 LIGHTNING AQUILION 3 32 Slice CT Scanner Toshiba LIGHTNING AQUILION 3 Toshiba
2-2014 GE CT OPTIMA 520 32 SLICE CT SCANNER VYPER Includes software rev.12HW3.1. Single PC TIO cabinet. Low Dose Control and XR29. TUBE is GE original 2014 Solarix 56 Million Mas. Fast Scanning and Compact technology. VYPER detector PERMANENT OPTIONS: ENHANCED RECON. Overlapped recon (32). DIRECT 3D Connect Pro. Volume Viewer. 0.8 Second Scan. HELICAL 120 Seconds. Lite Power350. Data Export. DIRECT MPR. Copy Composer. DIRECT 3D. 3000 Images Series. Patient 16 Slice. AutoMa. Helical Tilt. Smart Prep. INCLUDES: 2014 Gantry, Patient Table, System PDU, system Operators console with PC cabinet TIO single ASIR, operator Keyboard, Monitors, System cables, Software, phantoms and Head positioners Available now 07-16-20 52445 2014 OPTIMA 520 32 SLICE 32 Slice CT Scanner Toshiba
3-2007 GE LightSpeed VCT 32 Pro CT Scanner New tube (3/2019) with less than 6M patient mAs, beautiful condition, nicely configured. Last PM June 2020. 06-29-20 52362 2007 LightSpeed VCT 32 Pr 32 Slice CT Scanner GE