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0-2009 Philips Brilliance 40 CT Scanner SW rev level V2.3.5.15165 Scoring, cardiac , CT viewer, viewer, Combine images, MIP, test injection, custom image, volume rendering, slice width, MPR, resolution test, SSD 3D, Q-CTA Original tube Exposure secs 1,218,349 (as of Jun 2020) Exposure counts 452,604 (as of Jun 2020) Still installed Location: Southeast US Available late Feb/early March 02-11-21 53294 2009 Brilliance 40 Slice 40 Slice CT Scanner Philips Brilliance 40 Slice Philips
1-2009 Siemens Definition AS 40 CT Scanner Tube installed new 4-2017 Tube: Straton MXP-46. DOM 2017 Currently there is approx. 617,000 ss. Last tube replaced in 2017 was installed for 4 years and accumulated 969,849 ss. ICS and IES(extended WS) included. IRS mini tower No injector is included in this sale. All software, accessories and phantoms present are included. Software Level: VA48A Scanning Options: GET WORKLIST, CAP 3D FILTER SSD, CAP 3D FILTER MIP, CAP 3D MAIN CAP3D VIOMODE, CARDIO PRO, CARDIO RETROBOLUS TRACK, CA SCORE, CARE DOSE, SYNGO GENERAL LICENSE CAP3D FILTER VRT, CAP3D EDITOR. Additional Options: CTAAP MAIN, UHR, BONE REMOVAL, REMOTE DESKTOP, DEFINITION AS, SLICE-40, SCAN AUTOREGION, DE SINGLE SOURCE RESEARCH, CARE DOSE: ADULT, PROFILE, DASHBAORD. Options Continued: CTAPP DUAL ENERGY MONO E, VOLTAGE 70 KV, CARE DOES AUTOKV, SCAN GUIDE, RECON SPINE REGION, RECON INTERACTIVE STEP1, MR SUPPORT, FAST 3D ALIGN. CIS will be de-installing and rigging this CT Saturday 1-9-21 Location: MA 01-19-21 53170 2009 Definition AS 40 Sli 40 Slice CT Scanner Siemens Definition AS 40 Sli Siemens
2-2008 Siemens Sensation 40 CT Scanner System scan seconds- 1.37475 updated on March 6th 2019 Tube in good working condition Last Tube Exchange: 07/2018 Tube scan seconds- 120,634 updated on March 6th 2019 Software Level: VB42B Chiller: Ground Hard Drives will be removed System in good working condition System on ground level of facility Located in CA Available Nov/Dec 2020 10-11-20 52783 2008 Sensation 40 Slice 40 Slice CT Scanner Siemens Sensation 40 Slice Siemens
3-2006 Philips Brilliance 40 CT Scanner System Inspected 9/15/20 Inspection Report and Photos Available Tube Scan Seconds: 869797 (9/15/20) Tube YOM: 2015 Software Level: 2.3.1 Software Options: CT Viewer, Viewer, Cardiac Viewer Combine Images, Custom Images, MPR, MIP, SSD 3D Volume Rendering, Q-CTA, Slice Width Resolution Test Teal Power Conditioner Deinstallation Scheduled for September 29th Location: Europe 09-27-20 52711 2006 Brilliance 40 Slice 40 Slice CT Scanner Philips Brilliance 40 Slice Philips
4-2016 Toshiba Prime-S-Choice 40 Slice CT Scanner Original Tube installed 2016 MegaCool Tube Exp Count: 96,454 / Slice Time 55,562 PDU eVolution Gantry with iStation Additional Installed Options: MPPS Query /Retrieve SCP Query/Retrieve SCU Whole Body AIDR 3D Available in the Mid-West Unit is under OEM Service currently 08-03-20 52505 2016 Prime-S-Choice 40 Sl 40 Slice CT Scanner Other