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0-2008 Esaote S-scan MRI Scanner 0.25T 20 MT/M 1.3C software FSE, 3D, Spect Neck coil, Spine Coil, Knee Coil, Shoulder Coil, Wrist Coil, Extremity Coil Ground Floor Located in New England Available in March 2022 12-04-21 54867 2008 Esaote S-scan Fixed Mid Field MRI Esaote
1-2005 Siemens Magnetom C! 0.35T MRI Scanner Permanent Magnet 4 Channel R/F 24 mTm Amplitude 55 T/m/s Slew Rate Located in the USA 12-01-21 54852 2005 Magnetom C! 0.35T Fixed Mid Field MRI Siemens
2-2007 GE PROFILE 5 0.2T FIXED MRI SCANNER Coils Received: Extremity Coil, 9 Coil, 11 Coil, Wrist Coil Phase Array, Sm Shoulder Coil, MD Body Flex, LG Body Flex, Head Coil Computer: HP Workstation XW8200, Monitor, 5CIM and Keyboard S/W and Options: Signa Excite Fat Water, Image Filter, Option FD Fat Water, PAC CDs: Linux Operating GEMS, CTT Linux 4.3.13, Save Info MOD 11-16-21 54789 2007 PROFILE 5 0.2T Fixed Mid Field MRI GE
3-2000 Hitachi Airis II MRI Scanner Installed and fully functional Location: KS Available now 11-08-21 54725 2000 Airis II Fixed Mid Field MRI Hitachi Airis II Hitachi
4-1999 Hitachi 0.3T Airis II MRI Scanner Software Version V4.5U Coils Included: Brain Knee Large Shoulder Small Shoulder Small Torso Large Torso Extra Large Torso Available Early/Mid Dec Fully operational Location: TX 11-08-21 54737 1999 Airis II Fixed Mid Field MRI Hitachi Airis II Hitachi
5-2004 Hitachi Aperto Inspire MRI Scanner Coils: Boyd L, Head, Knee, Round Coil X 2, Current location : Japan 10-17-21 54649 2004 Aperto Inspire 0.4T Fixed Mid Field MRI Hitachi
6-1999 Hitachi Airis 2 MRI Scanner V5.1H-1 SW Coils include: QD Head: MR-QHC-51 Medium Flexible (Notched): MR-QFC-52AN Large Flexible: MR-QFC-53 190cm Extra Large Flexible: MR-QFC-55 Large Latchable Extremity: MR-JCL-52 Knee: MR-QKC-51 Joint/Neck: MR-JC-53 Installed and operational Located in the Midwest US Available November 2021 10-15-21 54648 1999 Airis II Fixed Mid Field MRI Hitachi Airis II Hitachi
7-2004 Hitachi Airis II MRI Scanner Available: Now Location: Southern CA 10-14-21 54628 2004 Airis II Fixed Mid Field MRI Hitachi Airis II Hitachi
8-2001 GE Ovation 0.35T MRI Scanner Open 0.35T Magnet Strength, Patient Table, Desktop Computer, Phantoms, Accessories, Coil Package: Head Coil, Open Body Coil, CTL Coil, Shoulder Coil, Wrist Coil, Cervical Coil, Knee Coil Open MRI system will be sold professionally de-installed FOB Location: Italy Available: Last Week of October 10-11-21 54626 2001 Ovation .35T Fixed Mid Field MRI GE Ovation .35T GE
9-2005 Siemens Magnetom C! MRI Scanner Pics are coming Located: Southern US Available: Now System has been ramped down 10-11-21 54629 2005 Magnetom C! Fixed Mid Field MRI Siemens Magnetom C! Siemens
10-Hitachi Airis II MRI Scanner 0.3T Open Permanent Magnet 15mT/m Gradient, Slew rate: 20T/m/sStrength COILS: Head, Body, Extremity, Large Extremity, Volumetric Neck and Extremity, Medium Flexible Spine, Large Flexible Spine, Quad Cervical Spine Available now 10-07-21 54584 - Airis II Fixed Mid Field MRI Hitachi Airis II Hitachi
11-2006 GE Ovation Excite HD 0.35T MRI Scanner Single console 4 Channel Software version 2.835.P3 HP Computer Gradient Type: 8295 / 19 mT/m Real Gradient Slew Rate: 34 T/m/s Maximum Gradient Slew Rate: 46 T/m/s Options: 3D FRFSE / EPI / Fast G Echo / Cine / FSE / FLAIR / PC VASCULAR IMAGING / PROACTIVE SERVICE / DW EPI / SMART PREP / SS FSE / 3 PLANE LOCALIZER / MODALITY WORKLIST / E 3D TOF / FSE XL / FAST CINE / SMART PREP 2000 UPGRADE / FUNCTOOL 2 / VOX TOOL / INTERACTIVE VASCULAR IMAGING / PERFORMED PROCEDURE STEP / FGRET / IMAGE FILTER / FIESTA2D / FIESTA 3D / FAT WATER 2001 / FIESTA C Coils List: Head, Neurovascular, Large-knee, Wrist, Shoulder, Open Body, XL Flex Coil, 9\" General, CTL, Small Knee, Lower Extremity for foot or ankle Exterior Side Wall Removal From MRI Suite Location: South East Condition: Installed & Connected to Power - Needs DECERD Replacement 08-24-21 54402 2006 Ovation Excite HD 0. Fixed Mid Field MRI GE
12-2010 Philips Panorama HFO 1.0T MRI Scanner Located: KS Available: 4Q or 1Q of 2022 06-14-21 53932 2010 Panorama HFO 1.0T Fixed Mid Field MRI Philips Panorama HFO 1.0T Philips
13-2007 Siemens Magnetom C! MRI Scanner Availability: March/April 2021 Installation date: 31.01.2008 Condition: Complete and fully functional Software: NUMARIS/4 SW Version: Syngo MR A30 SW Options: Syngo General License ver. 43.1, CORE Basic, CORE Plus, Worklist, 3D Usage license, 3D MPR (Volume of interest), 3D MIP, 3D SSD, Inline Processing, Image Filter Software, Turbo Sequences, Echo Planar Imaging, Advanced Workflow, 1D/2D PACE, iPAT, Advanced 3D, MPPS, CI Gradients Coils: Flex coil large Multipurpose Coil 21, Flex coil small Multipurpose Coil 16, Body Spine Array L, Body Spine Array XL Kit, Shoulder Array Coil 04-05-21 53553 2007 Magnetom C! Fixed Mid Field MRI Siemens Magnetom C! Siemens
14-2002 Hitachi Aperto Inspire 0.4T MRI Scanner Software version V5.0S Coils: Head, Knee, C-coil, Body coil Faraday cage is included Still installed and operational Located in Moscow, Russia 03-07-21 53368 2002 Aperto Inspire 0.4T Fixed Mid Field MRI Hitachi Aperto Inspire 0.4T Hitachi
15-2011 Esaote S-scan .25T MRI Scanner Air-cooled system Upgraded Spine Package Gradient cabinet S-scan 970 0021 010 Software version Release 1.3C E-MRI Brio BUILD_8 6/10/2011 S-scan Hardware Release 3 SPine C Open magnet xFov Additional features: VIEWER LITE OPTION (8620042080), FAT&WATER SEPARATION (8620042140), 3D STEADY STATE SEQUENCES (8620042130) Coils included: Shoulder, Knee, Wrist, Hand, Ankle/Foot, Spine, C-Spine Located Northeast US First floor outside wall removal Standard rigging to adjacent parking lot Available now 10-11-20 52758 2011 S-scan .25T Fixed Mid Field MRI Esaote S-scan .25T Esaote
16-2010 Esaote Vet-MR Grande Brio Veterinary MRI Scanner Software version 1.38 Deinstalled and available now Located in CA 09-16-20 49362 2010 Vet-MR Grande Brio Fixed Mid Field MRI Esaote Vet-MR Grande Brio Esaote
17-2009 GE 0.7T Openspeed Excite HD MRI Scanner - Helium: 98.4%, Pressure: 1.110 - GRFD Cabinet (8905) - 0.7T Excite III System Cabinet - Sumitomo CSW-71 Compressor - External Water-Chiller is included and on ground level - Excite hp XW8200 Console - SW Level: OPENMR5.293a_M4_0838.a Coil Package: Head, Spine, LRG Body Wrap, SM Body Wrap, Shoulder, LRG Knee, SM Knee/Foot Installed 09-16-20 52715 2009 0.7T Openspeed Excit Fixed Mid Field MRI GE
18-2007 Esaote S-Scan MRI Scanner Software Version 9.9B - Spine - Shoulder - Knee - Extremity - Cervical - Foot/Ankle Available now 07-26-20 51696 2007 S-Scan Fixed Mid Field MRI Esaote S-Scan Esaote