2004, Summit, Summit, Rad Room


ID Number: 52266
Updated: 06-24-20 
Date Posted: 06-09-20 
Quantity: 1 
Manufacturer: Summit 
Description: Rad Room 
Type: DR - Chest / Chiropractic 
Model: Summit 
DOM: 2004 
Condition: Good 
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Installed: Yes 
Availability: 06-24-20 
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Details: 2004 Summit Single Phase Rad Room with Digital Component
Summit single phase
Standard Frequency Chiro X-ray Suite 2004
Summit x-ray control, 300 MA, 125 KV, digital MAS
2004 Summit x-ray tube 1x2mm with high tension cables
2004 summit certified manual collimator
2004 Summit floor to wall tube stand with 5' rails angulation, with electric locks
2004 Summit vertical wall stand with 14x17 grid cabinet, stationary grid and tray
Electric locks.
Caliper L&R marker
Magnetic Gonadal shield
Complete with 14x17 GateWay DR Panel.
Also includes a mobile barrier with a lead window

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