2013, Discovery MR750W 3T, GE, MRI


ID Number: 52528
Updated: 08-09-20 
Date Posted: 08-06-20 
Quantity: 1 
Manufacturer: GE 
Description: MRI 
Type: Fixed 3T 
Model: Discovery MR750W 3T 
DOM: 2013 
Condition: Good 
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Location: Europe 
Installed: ?  
Availability: 08-09-20 
Inspect Date:  

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Details: 2013 GE Discovery MR750W 3T MRI Scanner

Wide Bore Magnet
Gradient: XGD II

Software Ver.: DV26 Build 1831.b/m/SP01-C

Software Options: magic permanent, tagging permanent, bodynav permanent, asl3d permanent, disco permanent, disco permanent, navigator permanent, cubet2 permanent, FLAIR3D permanent,

fgretc permanent, realcard permanent, tmcourse permanent, delenhmt permanent, ideal permanent, lavade permanent, vibrantde permanent, hypersense permanent, silentmr permanent, inhan2dtof permanent, inhan3dpc permanent, inhanifir permanent, fiesta3d permanent, fiesta3dfs permanent, inh3dflow permanent, edwi permanent, hypercube permanent, propdwi permanent, propt2 permanent, propnpw permanent, propbody permanent, prop permanent, propt1flr permanent, propt2flr permanent, cineir permanent, elenhmt3d permanent, heart3d permanent, mfgre2d permanent, tmap permanent, tricks permanent, tensor permanent, idealiq permanent, iprotect permanent, acgdplus permanent, bloodsupp permanent, cine permanent, e3dtof permanent, epli permanent, fastcine permanent, fastgrass permanent, flairepi permanent, FR3DFSE permanent, fse2 permanent, fsexl permanent, gtof permanent, idrive permanent, pcvi permanent, sgd permanent, sgdperf permanent, smartprep permanent, special permanent, ssfse permanent, ssfsemrcp permanent, ssfsexl permanent, t1hold permanent, t2bhold permanent, threeplane permanent, ushorttr permanent, idrivePro permanent, sprep99 permanent, asset permanent, dwepi permanent, lava permanent, arc permanent, de3d permanent, merge2d permanent, ftmra permanent, fiestac permanent, fiesta2d permanent, rtca permanent, fiesta2dfs permanent, quickstep permanent, cosmic3d permanent, fctlfusn permanent, DynR1 permanent, MPhVar permanent, lavaxv permanent, bravo permanent, inlineviz permanent, blflwmaps permanent, merge3d permanent, hisris permanent, pps permanent, dualdrive permanent, fctlser permanent, fctlmrstd permanent, silentmra permanent.

Coils: GEM Flex Interface 16ch Fixed, 3.0T P-Connector, GEM Flex 16 L Array, 3.0T Receive Only, GEM Flex 16 M Array, 3.0T Receive Only, GEM Flex 16 S Array, 3.0T Receive Only, HD 8Ch Foot Ankle Coil, HD 8Ch Wrist Array, 3.0T 32Ch Cardiac Coil Anterior, 3.0 GEM Anterior Array, HD 3.0T 8Ch Recive Only Shoulder Coil, 3.0T GEM HNU Anterior + Posterior + Adaptor Block + Bridge, DISCOVERY MR 750 - 3.0T Split Head Coil, 3.0T HD T/R Knee Coil (Flat Base, not an actual Coil)
Condition: Excellent, under OEM contract, in clinical use.
Images: Available on request
Location: Europe

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