2003, Oshkosh 1.5T 23x 16 Channel, GE, MRI


ID Number: 53195
Updated: 01-19-21 
Date Posted: 01-18-21 
Quantity: 1 
Manufacturer: GE 
Description: MRI 
Type: Mobile 1.5T 
Model: Oshkosh 1.5T 23x 16 Channel 
DOM: 2003 
Condition: Good 
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Installed: ?  
Availability: 04-19-21 
Inspect Date:  

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Details: 2003 GE 1.5T Mobile MRI Scanner
2003 Oshkosh 1.5T 23x 16 Channel
Trailer fully refurbished in 2021
Available in 90-120 days
16 Ch HNS (3 Cable Coil)
12 Ch Body (Dual Cable Coil)
8 Ch NVA
8 Ch CTL
8 Ch Foot/Ankle
8 Ch T/R Knee
8 Ch Wrist
3 Ch Shoulder
Dual TMJ
Quad Knee
Quad Head
Software Options:
sprep99, idrivePro, channel16, propt2, propdwi, cubet2, FLAIR3D, resappHDx, acgdplus, bloodsupp, cine, e3dtof, epli, fastcine, fastgrass, flairepi, FR3DFSE, fse2, fsexl, gtof, idrive, pcvi, sgd, sgdperf, smartprep, special,ssfse, ssfsemrcp, ssfsexl, t1bhold, t2bhold, threeplane, ushorttr, lava, dwepi,
asset, asset91, merge2d, bravo, blflwmaps, arc, de3d, MPhVar, channel8, DynR1, tmcourse, delenhmt, probep, fiesta2d, fiestac, fiesta3d, rtca, fiesta2dfs, fiesta3dfs, cosmic3d, lavaxv, ftmra, hisris, pps, fctlfusn, inlineviz, merge3d, quickstep, fctlmrstd, fctlser, inhan2dtof permanent, inhan3dpc, inhanifir, inh3dflow, probe99, edwipermanent, propnpw, propbody, prop permanent, propt1flr, propt2flr, ideal, mfgre2d, tricks, iprotect, lavade

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