2015, Amira 1.5T, Siemens, MRI


ID Number: 53465
Updated: 03-21-21 
Date Posted: 03-13-21 
Quantity: 1 
Manufacturer: Siemens 
Description: MRI 
Type: Fixed 1.5T 
Model: Amira 1.5T 
DOM: 2015 
Condition: Good 
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Availability: 04-01-21 
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Details: 2015 Siemens Magnetom Amira 1.5T MRI Scanner
Installed: 2015
Availability: April/May 2021
Condition: Complete and fully functional
Field Strength: 1.5T
Gradients: XF Gradients
Channels: 24 Channels
Coils: 1.5T 4 Ch Flex large MR coil, 1.5T 4 Ch Flex Small MR coil, 1.5T Shoulder 16 Large, 1.5T Shoulder 16 Small, Body 13 MR Coil 1.5T, Body 13 MR Coil 1.5T, Breast 18 MR coil 1.5T, Flex coil interface 1.5T, Hand/Wrist 16 1.5T, Head/Neck 16 MR Coil 1.5T, iTX Extremity 18 MR coil 1.5T, Spine matrix 18 MR Coil 1.5T
Software: V 43.1
SW Release: VE11N-SP03
SW Options: TGSE Package, 3D MIP, 3D SSD, 3D VOLUME OF INTEREST, 3D USAGE LICENCE, WORKLIST, Argus Main, ROW, iPATplus, Advanced Functional Neuro, MPPS, MR Composer Spine, Inline Diffusion, Inline Perfusion, Tim Application Suite, Matrix Mode, CISS / DESS, SYNGO_GENERAL_LICENSE V 43.1, 3D distortion correction key, Inline Composing, Tim Planing Suite, Inline 3D Distortion Correction, SWI, BLADE, Image Filter, PhoenixZIP, Native, Arterial Spin Labeling, Auto Align Head LS, Optimized Protocols for EC, AutoAlign Knee, Support-i, Brain WF, Knee WF, Basic WF, MR Neuro Local AIF, 24 Channels, Motion Correction NR, Spine WF, Hip WF, Shoulder WF, AutoAlign Spine, AAL Spine L and N, AutoAlign Shoulder, AutoAlign Hip, RESOLVE, Morpho QC, XF Gradients, Quiet Suite, Syngo WARP with VAT, CAIPIRINHA, SEMAC, View Sharing, Radial, Red. Motion Sensor

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