2005, Magnetom Avanto Fit 1.5T, GE, MRI

ID Number: 54055
Updated: 07-04-21 
Date Posted: 06-30-21 
Quantity: 1 
Manufacturer: GE 
Description: MRI 
Type: Fixed 1.5T 
Model: Magnetom Avanto Fit 1.5T 
DOM: 2005 
Condition: Good 
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Availability: 12-01-21 
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Details: 2005 Siemens Magnetom Avanto Fit 1.5T MRI Scanner
Upgrade: To Avanto Fit in 07/2014
Magnet System: OR105A
Software Option: License Spectroscopy SVS, License 3D MIP, License 3D SSD, License 3D MPR, License 3D Usage, License Worklist, License Argus Main, License Rest of World, License Spectroscopy CSI, License iPAT plus, License Advanced Funktional Neuro, License MPPS, License Spine Composing, License Inline Diffusion, License Tim Application Suite, License CISS / DESS, License Syngo General, Lic. 3D Distortion Correction, Lic. Diff. Tensor Imaging, Lic. Tissue Motion Correction key, Lic. BLADE, License Image Filter, License Dynamic3D, License PhoenixZIP, License GRACE, License ParametricMap, License MR Spectroscopy Evaluation, Copy protection dongle (USB dongle), SK Level 7 SIEMENS, SK Level 9 INHOUSE, Lic Inline 3D Distortion Correction, Lic. Optimized Protocols for EC, License Spectroscopy 3D CSI, Lic. SWI, License Support-i Key, License SQ Engine, License TimCT Fast View, Lic. Auto Align Head LS, SK Level 9 INHOUSE, License 48 Channels, License Basic WF, License Brain WF, License Motion Correction NR, License Morpho QC, License Auto Bolus Detection, License Abdomen WF, License Angio single/multi st. WF, Lic. Inline Composing, Lic. Tim Planing Suite, License Native, License Spine WF, License AutoAlign Spine, License AAL Spine L and N, License RESOLVE, Lic. Tissue Motion Correction key, EPC, License Tim Whole Body, License TGSE, SK Level 9 INHOUSE, License Red. Motion Sens., License q-Space, License View Sharing, License Radial, License SEMAC, License SMS
Coils: Body 18 MR Coil 1.5T, 1.5T Shoulder Coil Large, 1.5T Shoulder Coil Small, Flex coil interface 1.5T, 1.5T 4 Ch Flex large MR coil, 1.5T 4 Ch Flex Small MR coil, PA 36 MR Coil 1.5T, Spine 32 MR Coil, Body 18 MR Coil 1.5T, HF Body coil 084, 1.5T Head/Neck 20 MR Coil, TxRx Knee 15 MR Coil 1.5T
Condition: Excellent
Availability: 12/2021

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