Intera/Achieva 1.5T, Philips, MRI


ID Number: 54326
Updated: 08-23-21 
Date Posted: 08-11-21 
Quantity: 1 
Manufacturer: Philips 
Description: MRI 
Type: Fixed 1.5T 
Model: Intera/Achieva 1.5T 
DOM: 0 
Condition: Good 
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Location: North East, US 
Installed: ?  
Availability: 08-23-21 
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Details: Philips Intera/Achieva 1.5T 8 Ch MRI Scanner
Diamond Select Refurbished in 2011,1.5T Magnet Strength, F2000 Magnet, Software Version:, Copley 274 Gradient Amplifier System, 8 Channel System, Sumitomo HC-8E Compressor, Software Options: OHE Workflow, SMART Scan Brain, 2D-VCG, R2/R12 Enhacements, 8 RF Channels, Advanced EPI, GraSE, 3D Brain VIEW, High SENSE Factors, Extended FOV, Keyhole, DWI, Phase Navigators, TE>TR, Thrive, Q-flow, Contrast end perf., Moving bed ima., Adv Peripheral Angio, Black Blood Repulse, Body Resp Navigators, MSMP, Multilane, Cardiac Triggered IR, Retrospective, Prosp. Motion Corr., REST grid, Cardiac Perfusion, Interactive, T1 Perfusion, 3 Point Planscan, Rescan, Diffusion Calc., Perfusion Calc., Q-Flow Analysis, Multi Station View, Cardiac Analysis
Coil Package: 8 Ch Sense knee Coil, 8 Ch Sense Wrist Coil, Sense Shoulder Coil, Sense Foot / Ankle Coil, Spine Coil, Head Coil, Sense Body Coil, C1 Coil, C3 Coil
System was ramped down yesterday
Has 52% Helium Level
Location: New Jersey

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