2015, Aspire Cristalle, Other, Mammography

ID Number: 55346
Updated: 03-08-22 
Date Posted: 03-08-22 
Quantity: 1 
Manufacturer: Other 
Description: Mammography 
Type: Digital 
Model: Aspire Cristalle 
DOM: 2015 
Condition: Good 
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Availability: 03-09-22 
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Details: 2015 FUJI Aspire Cristalle Digital Mammography System
Mainsoft: V6.1.0237
Accessories Included:
Generator:----- Fujifilm Model: 814Y100564
Collimator:----- FujiFilm Model: 399Y100004 S/n: K325547 Year: 10/15
Tube:----- Varian Model: M-113T S/n: 37103-T5 Year: 11/15
FPD (24x30):-----FujiFilm Model: 852Y10071 S/n: J126276 Year: 10/15
Exposure Table:-----FujiFilm Model: 350Y102728 S/n: E825550 Year: 10/15
Xray Control:----- FujiFilm Model: 845Y100125 S/n: R225573 Year: 10/15
Computer:----- HP Model: Z440 Workstation S/n: 2UA6403466 Running Software: Windows 7 Pro OA
Compression Paddles: 24x30High (H) S/n: 25981, 24x30FS (H) S/N: 25559, 18x24High(H) S/N: 25331, 18x24FS (H) S/N: 25128, Spot R(H) S/N: 25140, Mag 1.8 (H) S/N: 25388, Mag Spot (H) S/n: 25440,
Accessories: Phantom M Plus S/n: 21164, FujiFilm Magnification Table 1.8 Model 357Y100432 S/N: 25953 Year: 09/16, 2.0cmx10x12acryic block, 4.0cmx10x12 acrylic block, (3) acrylic sheets,
Aspire Cristalle Manuals Rev 02, Aspire Cristalle Manuals Rev 03, FDR-3000AWS V6.1 Consolidated Manual CD, FDR MS-3500 Tenders Service Manual, FDR-3500H MU Application Software V4.3, Application Software HF0001 Base v6.1, Application Software Hf0002 base v6.1, Application software HF0004 base v6.1, Application Software V6.1,

FDR-3000DRL MCU Application Software V2.3, FDR-3000AWS Application Key Software v1.0, Retake Analysis Key Software v1.0,DICOM Print Key Software V1.0, QA Measurement Key Software V2.0, QA ROI Measurement Key Software V3.0, Standard Kit Key Software v6.0, DICOM MWM Key Software v1.0, DICOM ID MWM Key Software v1.0,
Win7 SP1 (64bit) OS DVD for Z440 V1.0, Win 7 x64 Repair Disk HPZ440 REV,
FDR-3000AWS Menus and Markers v6.1, Quadro K5000 Driver V320.00, Mammography QC Key Software v1.0, FDR MS-3500 FF_Generator_Tool, Exposure Conditions and Intelligent-AEC Option Key V5.1, FDR MS-3500 Machine DATA, FDR-3000DRL FPGA Version Up Tool V1.1.MSTR RSTR FDR-3000AWS HP Z440 3MP K620 V6.1 Software restore disk 1 & 2.
Condition: Average---Power Up
Detector cover scratched front edge & top, some scratches on console back, some paddles scratched

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