2004, 1.5T Twinspeed 16x 16 Channel, GE, MRI

ID Number: 55548
Updated: 04-20-22 
Date Posted: 04-20-22 
Quantity: 1 
Manufacturer: GE 
Description: MRI 
Type: Fixed 1.5T 
Model: 1.5T Twinspeed 16x 16 Channel 
DOM: 2004 
Condition: Good 
Older listings 'may' have already been sold.  
Location: North East, US 
Installed: No 
Availability: 04-20-22 
Inspect Date:  

Seller Type:



Sell Price:

Details: 2004 GE 1.5T Twinspeed 16x 16 Channel Front End MRI Scanner
NO MAGNET, Computer Tower, Two Computer Cabinets, Patient Table, Sumitomo CSW-71 Helium Compressor, Helium lines (Flex Lines), Neslab CRT-150 Chiller Refrigerated Recirculator, Phantom Kit, Penetration Panel, Full Cable Set
Coil Package: 16 Channel HNS Coil, 8 Channel CTL Coil, 8 Channel High Res Brain Coil, 8 Channel Body Array Anterior Coil, 8 Channel Body Array Posterior Coil, 8 Channel Breast Coil, 8 Channel Sentinel Breast Coil, 8 Channel Quad Head Coil, Invivo Extremity Chimney TxRx Coil, Torso Array Coil, Cardiac Array Coil, Medrad Breast Coil, PV Array Coil, 3 Round Coil
Completely functional prior to de-installation
Location: NY

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