2002, 9800 Plus ESP 9", OEC, C-Arm

ID Number: 55834
Updated: 06-06-22 
Date Posted: 06-06-22 
Quantity: 1 
Manufacturer: OEC 
Description: C-Arm 
Type: Full Size 
Model: 9800 Plus ESP 9" 
DOM: 2002 
Condition: Good 
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Availability: 06-07-22 
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Details: 2002 GE OEC 9800 Plus ESP C-Arm
Rev 30 Software version: WS 5.7.95, GIB 4.8.22, FFB 4.8.20, SRV 3.1.38
Dual 1Kx1K Monitors,
Right Touch Screen,
Tri-Mode 9/6/4.5 Image Intensifier
400 Image Storage,
LIH-Last Image Hold ,
Fluoro Boost,
ESP-Expanded Surgical Package,
Sharpen Function,
Gamma Correction,
Frame Averaging,
Edge Enhancement,
Digital Windowing,
MARS-Motion Artifact Reduction,
One Shot Frame Integration,
Patient Annotation Keyboard,
Foot Pedal,
Skin Spacer
Located in Western USA
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