2010, Senographe Essential, GE, Mammography

ID Number: 56849
Updated: 01-10-23 
Date Posted: 01-10-23 
Quantity: 1 
Manufacturer: GE 
Description: Mammography 
Type: Digital 
Model: Senographe Essential 
DOM: 2010 
Condition: Good 
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Location: Midwest, US 
Installed: Yes 
Availability: 01-11-23 
Inspect Date:  

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Details: 2010 GE Senographe Essential Mammography System
Apollon X-Ray Tube Asm, Model: 5145113, DOM: June 2010, Focal Spots: 0.1 – 0.3 ▪ Digital Detector, Model: 5144831, DOM: May 2017 Review & Operator Workstation with Lead Glass Shield, Software Level: AWS-V: 53.40 (8) Compression Paddles with cabinet o Maintained by OEM Full Service: OEM System ID & CE#: 262329ESS1
System is currently in use “in good working condition with good image quality & very good cosmetic appearance” per AAH HTM/CE Rad Service Engineer III evaluation 8/4/22
Last PM completed by AAH HTM/CE: 8/31/22
Replaced the batteries in the UPS. Completed the PM. All tests passed.
Located in Radiiology Dept, ground floor, door egress, no raised dock available
Location: WI

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