Mammomat 3000 Nova, Siemens, Mammography


ID Number: 56948
Updated: 03-21-23 
Date Posted: 01-28-23 
Quantity: 1 
Manufacturer: Siemens 
Description: Mammography 
Type: Digital 
Model: Mammomat 3000 Nova 
DOM: 0 
Condition: Good 
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Location: North East, US 
Installed: ?  
Availability: 03-21-23 
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Details: Siemens Mammomat 3000 Nova Mammography System

Includes Fuji Aspire Clear View Reader (DOM: 2018)
Serial Number# 07250218
AWS-C Mammo computer/software
Serial Number# MXL4101DQ1
Elzo RX250 Mammography Monitor
Serial Number#26729037
Purchased thru Fuji 11/14/2018
Fuji IP Mammogram cassettes
6-24 X 30
6- 18 X 24
Siemens Nova 3000 mammo Machine/Generator/Console
High Voltage Unit SN# 02987801 Model #5765966
Xray Control Generator SN# 08357 Model# 6438506 1/2002
Beam Limiting device SN# 04224 Model# 6245000 1/2002
Tube SN# S83127 Model# 3122509
P40MOW100G SN# 04935 Model# 1125314

Located in PA

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