2017, Aera 1.5T, Siemens, MRI


ID Number: 57576
Updated: 09-05-23 
Date Posted: 05-25-23 
Quantity: 1 
Manufacturer: Siemens 
Description: MRI 
Type: Fixed 1.5T 
Model: Aera 1.5T 
DOM: 2017 
Condition: Good 
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Location: Europe 
Installed: ?  
Availability: 09-05-23 
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Details: 2017/2023 Siemens Aera 1.5T MRI Scanner
Condition: Complete and fully functional according to OEM standard
Field strength: 1.5T
Channels: 64
Gradient strength: 45/200
Gradient Type: XQ
Magnet YOM: 2017
Magnet Type: 10126958
Compressor YOM: 2017
Compressor type: F-70H
Last adsorber change: 04/09/2020
Compressor running hours: 49224
Cold head model: RDK-408
Coils: Body 18 Long (SN30626), Body 30 (SN30152), Body 30 (SN30473), Breast 18 (SN31253), Flex Large 4 (SN31307), Flex Small 4 (SN31214), FootAnkle 4 (SN2305), Head Neck 20 (SN30608), Shoulder Large 16 (SN3782) Shoulder Small 16 (SN3744), Spine 32 (SN30594), TxRx Knee 15 QED (SN1025),
Console: 11513602
SW version console: Numaris/X VA30A-03GR
SW options console: 2D ASL, 3D ASL, Abdomen Dot Engine, Advanced Diffusion, Advanced WARP, Anatomy Register, Auto Bolus Detection, AutoAlign Head LS, AutoAlign Spine Labeling and Numbering, AutoAlign Spine LS, BLADE, Brain Dot Engine, CISS & DESS, Dixon Evaluation, Dot Engine Basic, Dual Monitor (AWP), Expert-i, Fast Dixon, FastVeiw, Flow Quantification, GRACE, HISTO, Image Filter Software, Inline 3D Distortion Correction, Inline Composing, Inline Diffusion, Inline Perfusion, Liver Segmentation, MAGNETOM Aera N/X, MDW, MDME, Morpho Quality Control, Motion Correction NR, MR Basic Reading, MR Cardiac Reader, MR Composing, MR General Engine, MR Image Registration, MR Prostate Biopsy Support, MR Prostate Segmentation, MR Soft Tissue Motion Correction, MR Spectro Evaluation CSI, MR Spectro Evaluation SVS, MR Spectro Extension, MR Spectroscopy, MR Spectroscopy Research, MR Tools, Neuro Perfusion Local AIF, Onco Auto Coverage Scout, Optimized Protocols for EC, PCASL, PhoenixZIP, Region Growing, Rest Of World, Security, SMS, Spectroscopy: 2D CSI, Spectroscopy 3D CSI, Spectroscopy: SVS, Spine Dot Engine, Spine Labeling, StartVIBE, SWI, TGSE, Tim Application Suite, Turbo Suite Essentials, TWIST, TWIST VIBE, Tim Apllication Suite: Angio Suite, Body Suite, Breast Suite, Cardiac Suite, Neuro Suite, Onco Suite, Ortho Suite, Quiet Suite

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