2017, Solo FD, Ziehm, C-Arm


ID Number: 57676
Updated: 06-21-23 
Date Posted: 06-20-23 
Quantity: 1 
Manufacturer: Ziehm 
Description: C-Arm 
Type: Full Size 
Model: Solo FD 
DOM: 2017 
Condition: Good 
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Location: Midwest, US 
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Availability: 06-21-23 
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Details: 2017 Ziehm Solo FD Compact C-Arm
Fully tested and are in good working condition
Mechanical Specifications:
C-arm vertical free space: 34", C-arm Depth: 27", Weight: 765 lb, Height: 69 - 85", Width: 31.5", Length: 67 - 76" Flat-Panel detector.
Display Size: 19" (x2) Brightness (panel): typ. 1000 cd/m2, Viewing angle: 178⁰, Tilting +/- 10⁰.
Electrical Power supply:
120 VCA
60 Hz 10% X-ray Generator,
X-ray Tube: Stationary anode,
Generator Type: monoblock, High-frequency Generator: 40 kHzM, Maximum Output: 2.4 kW, Plus Fluoroscopy kV range: 40-120 kV, Pulse Fluoroscopy mA range: 0.2-20 mA. Pulse Rate: 25, 12.5, 8, 4, 2, 1 pps. Cine up to 8 fps. Application-Oriented

Anatomical Programs:
Bone: Extremities, Metal, Soft. Image Acquisition & Archiving 10,000 image memory. User Interface: TFT touch screens on C-arm and workstation with Smart-Eye technologist reference image
Location - Midwest
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