0-Medrad Stellant D Dual Head CT Injector Ceiling Mount Dual Head Injector Touch Screen Control Monitor Control Module Interconnect Cable Located in CA Available Now 01-20-20 49107 - Stellant D Dual Head CT Injector Medrad Stellant D Dual Head Medrad
1-2005 EZEM Empower CTA Dual Head CT Injector Available now Location: PA 01-14-20 47965 2005 EZEM Dual Head CT Injector Acist-EZEM EZEM Dual Head Acist-EZEM
2-Acist CVI Injector New in Box Located in CA 11-23-19 51335 - Acist CVi Angio / Cath Injector Acist-EZEM Acist CVi Acist-EZEM
3-Maillinckrodt Optivantage Dual Head CT Injector / Pedestal Mount / Cleaned and Calibrated / Available now 11-15-19 42639 - Optivantage Dual Hea CT Injector Mallinckrodt
4-2018 Medrad Mark 7 Arterion Injector Location: MI Available now 10-28-19 51199 2018 Mark 7 Arterion Angio / Cath Injector Medrad
5-Medrad Spectris Solaris EP MRI Injector Pedestal Mount Fully cleaned Annual calibration performed prior to shipment Available now 10-21-19 39668 - Solaris EP MRI Injector Medrad
6-Medrad Mark V ProVis Angio Injector Pedestal mounted Available now Location: GA 10-06-19 50705 - Mark V Provis Angio / Cath Injector Medrad Mark V Provis Medrad
7-Medrad Stellant D CT Injector Pedestal mount Refurbished and re-certified then used for one year Available now 09-19-19 50026 - Stellant CT Injector Medrad
8-Mallinckrodt Optistat CT Injector Ceiling Mounted Available now 09-16-19 51006 - Optistat CT Injector Mallinckrodt
9-Medrad Spectris Solaris EP MRI Injector Available now 08-22-19 50875 - Spectris Solaris EP MRI Injector Medrad
10-2015 Bracco Empower CTA Injector Software version 9.01 i EMPOWERCTA SYS W/EDA,CEIL/WL MT - Includes: Dual Barrel Inj. w/ Controller Touch Screen Rem Control (PC Windows-based) w/ Desktop Mtn EDA Accessory 1 EDA Cable EMPOWERsync Pwr Supply (Activation Optional) 50' Comm & Pwr Cable 16 ft USB Comm Cable Inj. Location: CO Available now 08-17-19 50725 2015 Bracco Empower CT Injector Other Bracco Empower Other
11-2010 Medrad Stellant Dual Head Injector 08-14-19 50809 2010 Stellant Dual Head CT Injector Medrad
12-(2) Medrad Spectris Solaris EP MRI Injection Systems Located in MI Available now 07-29-19 50768 - Spectris Solaris EP MRI Injector Medrad