0-2004 Siemens C CAM Nuclear Gamma Camera Location: GA Available now 07-12-20 52401 2004 C Cam Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera Siemens
1-2007 Siemens E-Cam Nuclear Camera Dual Head Software: E-Soft Software Detector Type: LEHR Hot Lab: Dose Calibrator: CapinTec: Model: CRC 15R Aerosol Unit Thyroid Uptake Probe: Atom Lab 930 07-06-20 52391 2007 E Cam Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera Siemens
2-2009 GE Infinia Hawkeye 4 SPECT/CT Scanner Dual Head Software: Xeleris Detector type: MEGP, HEGP, LEHR Hot Lab: Dose Calibrator with well counter: CapinTec: Model: CRC 25W Location: South east 07-06-20 52392 2009 Infinia Hawkeye 4 SPECT/CT Nuclear Camera GE
3-2005 GE Infinia H3000WW Hawkeye GP3 SPECT/CT Scanner Dual Head Whole Body Capable Xeleris 1.1452 2017 Acquisition computer Analog collimator exchanger 2012 tube Collimator sets include: HEGP, MEGP, LEHR and LEPH (Pinhole) De-Installed June 3, 2019 Location: TX Available now 06-29-20 52367 2005 Infinia H3000WW Hawk SPECT/CT Nuclear Camera GE
4-2009 PHILIPS BRIGHTVIEW XCT SPECT/CT SCANNER Available in the northeast, expected August 13, 2020. Loads of high end new parts installed August-October 2019. Philips serviced 06-29-20 52368 2009 BRIGHTVIEW XCT SPECT/CT Nuclear Camera Philips
5-2003 GE Infinia GP3 Nuclear Camera 06-24-20 52264 2003 Infinia GP3 Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera GE Infinia GP3 GE
6-Philips ADAC Cardio MD Nuclear Camera Refurbished by Philips in 2011 Includes workstation, UPS, accessories cart, and IVY Cardiac Trigger Monitor 3000 Software: Jetstream 3.01.00p Location: MI Good working condition and available now Buyer responsible for deinstallation 06-24-20 52279 - ADAC Cardio MD Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera Philips ADAC Cardio MD Philips
7-2006 GE Millenium MPR Nuclear Camera Single head Available in 2 weeks Location: NV 06-23-20 51803 2006 Millenium MPR Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera GE Millenium MPR GE
8-2003 Digirad Cardius 2 Nuclear Camera OS/ XP , Software-Mirage, holders for flood / phantom for QC Location: NC Available October 06-22-20 52323 2003 Cardius 2 Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera Digirad
9-2007 PHILIPS CARDIO MD III SPECT GAMMA CAMERA Cardio MD 2.12, Jetstream 3.0, lehr collimators Located 2nd Floor There is an elevator but won't be needed. Does the site have a loading dock: No Is the site tractor trailer accessible: Yes Laptop video card is failing, currently using external monitor. Location: CA Available: July 2020 05-28-20 52077 2007 Cardio MD III SPECT/CT Nuclear Camera Philips
10-2008 GE Infinia Hawkeye IV Gamma Camera Complete with 3 collimators(LEHR, MEGP, HEGP), XELERIS 2 Workstation Available now Location: CA 05-26-20 52204 2008 Infinia Hawkeye 4 Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera GE
11-2011 GE Infinia Hawkeye 4 SPECT/CT Scanner Installed in 2012), Model: H3000WC, X-Ray Tube Manufactured in 2013 (In OEM Crate), Patient Table, Software Package: Xeleris Evolution for Cardiology, Xeleris Evolution for Bone, Xeleris Evolution for Planar Bone, Collimators, LEHR, MEGP System Complete with all Software and Accessories Site Location: NY Removal Date: Now 05-24-20 52188 2011 Infinia Hawkeye 4 SPECT/CT Nuclear Camera GE Infinia Hawkeye 4 GE
12-2010 GE 530C CZT Dedicated Cardiac Nuclear Camera Includes the acquisition and GE Xeleris V. 2.0. Located TX Available May/ June 05-20-20 51746 2010 530C CZT Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera GE
13-GE Optima NM640 SPECT/CT Scanner 05-10-20 52148 - Optima NM640 SPECT/CT Nuclear Camera GE
14-2011 PHILIPS BRIGHTVIEW SPECT GAMMA CAMERA LEHR, HEGP and Pinhole collimators. NO HARD DRIVES LOCATION: OH AVAILABLE JULY 05-04-20 52100 2011 Brightview SPECT/CT Nuclear Camera Philips Brightview Philips
15-2007 GE INFINIA HAWKEYE 4 SLICE Whole Body SPECT Gamma Camera 4DM SPECT. FUSION and ATTENUATION with CT use One set of LEHR collimator and one set of MEGP collimators. Acquisition computer was upgraded to HP Z420. Processing is XELERIS 2.17 and has 4DM SPECT option including ECToolbox. INFINIA HAWKEYE provides great quality scans with FUSION and ATTENUATION for crispier CARDIAC RESULTS. The GE Infinia is a dual head, multi geometry (variable angle) nuclear medicine camera with LFOV detectors. The Infinia was designed for general purpose studies and is capable of whole body, planar and SPECT imaging Features: Slip ring gantry allowing unlimited tomographic rotation. 03-31-20 51779 2007 INFINIA HAWKEYE 4 SL SPECT/CT Nuclear Camera GE
16-2014 Siemens Symbia S SPECT/CT Camera Dual Variable SPECT, Whole Body/General Purpose Procedures. Cardiac Spect apps. Detector is 3/8" HIGH RESOLUTION. Collimators are LOW ENERGY and MEDIUM ENERGY. Total 2 sets. Includes Productivity Package with AUTOMATIC Collimator Exchange. SYNGO ACQ with High Performance package Single Quad Core. SPECT GATED, NON GATED, DYNAMIC SPECT or whole body. 3D Orientation. AUTO QC. Organ Processing for Symbia S from Cardiac to Brain-renal, lung or other organs. Cardiac Engine CEDARS. Reconstruction Engine Available now 03-31-20 51978 2014 Symbia S SPECT/CT Nuclear Camera Siemens
17-2009 Siemens Symbia T2 SPECT/CT Scanner Good working condition Tube scan seconds 323,839 Last tube exchange Dec 19,2013; new tube Hard Drives will not come with the system Rigging requirements: Weekend removal System located on the 7th floor Removal path Elevator Loading dock available Location: LA Coming out April 21st 03-26-20 51961 2009 Symbia T2 SPECT/CT Nuclear Camera GE
18-Siemens HB E-Cam Signature Series Nuclear Camera Needs to be removed on March 22nd 03-08-20 51878 - HB E-Cam Signature S Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera Siemens HB E-Cam Signature S Siemens
19-2004 Siemens E Cam Nuclear Camera 03-02-20 51851 2004 E Cam Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera Siemens
20-2006 Philips Forte JetStream Nuclear Camera Forte release 2.1 fully functional and still in use 01-31-20 51647 2006 Forte JetStream Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera Philips Forte JetStream Philips
21-2004 GE Infinia GP3 H3000WT Nuclear Camera Dual Head Camera Acquisition Workstation with Windows XP CPU Processing Workstation NOT Included Located in NC Deinstalled and Available now 01-27-20 49638 2004 Infinia GP3 Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera GE
22-2005 Siemens E-Cam Nuc Med Camera OEM Service Dual Head Detector Software: Syngo, 4DM SPECT 1 Monitor 4 Collimators: 2 LEHP, 2 MELP Whole Body Original Crystal Loading dock on site First Floor Removal Available for removal May 2020 01-17-20 51573 2005 E-Cam Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera Siemens E-Cam Siemens
23-2008 Siemens Symbia S Nuclear Camera Symbia Evo Foresight Digital Detectors Low Profile 3/8 Detectors Caudal Tilt Low Energy High Res Collimator Medium Energy Collimator Symbia Productivity Package Auto QC source Kit Internal ECG Extra hand Controller UPS for Symbia Camera System PHS Extended Pivot 4 Quadrant Phantom Organ Processing Cardiology Engine 4DM Remote Diagnostic Services Under Floor PHS Cable (SPECT) ELEVATE S Symbia Teamplay Basic 19inch LCD Monitor Windows 7 OS Available now Location: MN 01-15-20 51412 2008 Symbia S SPECT/CT Nuclear Camera Siemens Symbia S Siemens