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0-2012 SIEMENS AXIOM ARTIS ZEE dBC, BI-PLANE CARDIAC CATH LAB (2) 10 X 10 PIXIUM 4800 detector (original) Frontal Tube - Megalix Cat Plus 125/40/90-121GW -2018 DOM Lateral Tube - Megalix Cat Plus 125/40/90-121GW - 2012 DOM (2) Polydoros A100 Generators Floor Mounted Patient Table Monitor Support with 58 inch monitor Complete Cardiac software version Syngo XWP VC21C DR-Module Key, Digital ACQ. Zoom Module Key, Care Profile Module Key, BSR Quant QVA Key, Storage Extension Key, CD-ROM Archivmodule Key, DICOM Print Key, PS-Printer Key, DICOM Storage Key,DICOM-Query/Retrieve Key, SK Level 7 Siemens, BSR Option 2K Matrix Key, DR Stepping Key, Perivision Key, Care DPF Module Key, Automap-Module Key, MPPS Support Key, Dynavision Key, DR DYNA Key, 3D Acquisition Key, Fluoro Loop Module Key. Table Side Controls,Radiation Protection SENSIS PHYSIOLOGICAL MONITORING SYSTEM -All manuals and software -System is in good working condition Installed and available August 10 09-12-22 56114 2012 Axiom Artis Zee Cardiac Angio / Cath Siemens
1-2011 Philips MultiDiagnost Eleva Angio/Cath Lab Located: WA Available: about 6 months 06-27-22 55954 2011 MultiDiagnost Eleva Cardiac Angio / Cath Philips MultiDiagnost Eleva Philips
2-2009 PHILIPS ALLURA XPER FD10 CARDIAC CATH LAB Allura FD10. Revision 7.2.16. SN#62286. Ceiling suspended arm. Floor mounted patient table. Generator 100Kw. Tube model MRC 200 0407 ROT-GS 104. Four LCD monitors mounted on a arm. Detector 8 x 8 Flat panel. Includes Medrad Angio Injector Currently installed and operational Location: ID Removal date is March 21th Condition is very good 03-03-22 55321 2009 ALLURA XPER FD10 Cardiac Angio / Cath Philips