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0-2017 Siemens Scope 32 CT Scanner 2017 MCT 172 Tube with 189,263 Scan Seconds Available July 06-20-22 55930 2017 Scope 32 Slice 32 Slice CT Scanner Siemens Scope 32 Slice Siemens
1-2019 Siemens Go Up 32 CT Scanner Expected availability: Febuary 2023 Condition: Good condition Tube YOM: 2019 Tube count: 279.777 sec (as of 29/04/2022) Tube type: CHRONON SW version: Syngo CT VA30 06-08-22 55853 2019 Go Up 32 Slice 32 Slice CT Scanner Siemens
2-2014 Toshiba AQUILION RXL 32 CT SCANNER New tube in August 2018 CXB 750D/4. Tube has 251,377 on reading. Includes LOW DOSE AIDR3D and XR29 compliant. Revision 4.86 ER008. 2014 AQUILION RXL 32 CT SCANNER with new 2018 tube CXB 750D and +/- 103,928. REVISION 4.86 software. Spellman Generator. This CT has the following software options: Double SLICE 32. LOW DOSE. 3D CT. Dicom Export. Dicom Print. Dicom Black and DICOM color. Dicom Export. PGP. TIFF. TSB-DVD. Real EC. Real Time Prep. Realtime View. Alato 3D Viewer. Alato Multiview CT. Alato MultisliceCT. Display Console. Whole body CT with 3D Location: FL 2018 CXB 750D/4 at 251,377 06-06-22 54310 2014 Aquilion RXL 32 Slic 32 Slice CT Scanner Toshiba Aquilion RXL 32 Slic Toshiba
3-2008 Philips Brilliance Big Bore CT Scanner Helical, 32-Slice Acquisition, 80Kw Generator, 85cm Bore Opening Single Console, iDose 4, CIRS HPZ Workstation, Multi-Planar Reconstruction, DoseWise, Bariatric Patient Table, DICOM, Noise Reduction, Contrast Scale, O-MAR, iPatient, 30 IPS Reconstruction Speed, MIP, 0.4 Second Scanning, AVA, Volume Scanning, 3D Imaging, 3D Cone Reconstruction, 4D Evaluation Tools, -30 to +30 Gantry Tilt, TDMS Detectors, PACS Archiving, 4D Evaluation Tools, Phanto, Medrad Stellant Injector Comes from a working facility and is in excellent condition Located in New York Available now Easy removal and truck parking 06-01-22 55818 2008 Brilliance Big Bore 32 Slice CT Scanner Philips
4-2014 NeuroLogica Body Tom Fully functional Location: TN 01-10-22 55032 2014 NeuroLogica Body Tom 32 Slice CT Scanner Other NeuroLogica Body Tom Other