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0-2005 Mobile Philips Brilliance 64 CT Scanner Completely refurbished Ellis and Watts 48 trailer System is fully functional and Immediately available in NC. System and trailer have been professionally maintained under a full service contract with Althea. This mobile is clean. 0 MHU X-Ray Tube Software Level 3.6.8 Options: Combine Images Custom Image Scan Tools Scan Tools Pro Retrospective Tagging Retrospective Gating MPR SSD 3D Q-CTA Remote Reconstruction Dual Monitor Virtual Colonoscopy Advanced Brain Perfusion DICOM support for CR / RF / NM / MR AVA Stenosis AVA Stent Planning Volume Rendering Extended DFOV Q-CTA Quantitative CT Tool Pack Rate Responsive CV Tool Kit MIP Test Injection Slice Thickness Resolution Test Heartbeat CS Cardiac CT Angio LV/RV Analysis CT Reporting CV Expert / Pro Analysis Enhancement Package Cardiac Viewer Advanced LV / RV Function Calcium Scoring 01-04-23 56751 2005 Mobile Brilliance 64 Mobile CT CT Scanner Philips Mobile Brilliance 64 Philips
1-2011 MOBILE GE Brightspeed 16 CT Scanner NEW Tube Install Date - Fri Sep 9 2022 mAs - 230,374 Product Software Option Keys: Smart Prep Permanent Patient-16-slice Permanent AutomA Permanent Direct-3D Permanent Direct-MPR Permanent Helical Tilt Permanent 3000 Image Series Permanent Data Export Permanent Copy Composer Permanent Helical-120-Sec Permanent Lite-Power350 Permanent Connect Pro Permanent Volume Viewer Permanent Exam Split Permanent Auto Bone Permanent In the Midwest Available now 10-23-22 56434 2011 MOBILE Brightspeed 1 Mobile CT CT Scanner GE MOBILE Brightspeed 1 GE