0-Konica AeroDR Portable Upgrade Kit 1989 AMX 4 upgraded in 2006. Retrofit with detector in 2015 Combine this upgrade kit with existing AeroDR FPD deployments to allow the conversion of existing analogue portable units into Digital Portable units while sharing the panel between imaging settings. This light weight and easy to use system will allow for wireless image acquisition and transfer while working with the patient at the point of exposure Includes: AeroDR Docking Station - Rapid Charge Module - FPD Activation Module - FPD Recovery Module - CS-7 Sync Module CS-7 Portable Control Station Hardware Minimum Configuration - Intel Core i5-2S20 vPro Processor, 3 .2 GHz - 4 GB RAM - Win 7 PRO - 320 GB HDD - 10/100/1000 Ethernet Connection 12.1" Widescreen WXGA LED LCD - 1280 x 800 Screen Resolution CS-7 Universal Control Station Software Features: - Free Text Annotation - Automatic Masking - Study List Filter - History Search - Image Zoom - Grid Suppression - Hybrid Premium Image Processing Algorithm - Equalization,Frequency & Gradation Processing - HIPAA compliance enabling features (Audit trail, Auto log-out) Also Includes: - Image Quality Optimization - DICOM Store (x2 connections) - DICOM Modality Worklist - Procedure Code Mapping Konica AeroDR Port Del Mnt Kit GEAMX4 Includes: - 19" A ll-In-One Monitor and PC w/ touch sensitive interface - Built in barcode reader for patient registration and order search - Stylus pen for easy operation - UPS for A-1-0 system - Battery Pack Konica AeroDR Wireless CsI 14x17 Panel Location: NE 03-26-23 56989 - Aero DR Panel Digital - DR /CR /PACS Konica
1-Konica Aero CS-7 DR System 03-24-23 57251 - Aero CS-7 DR Panel Digital - DR /CR /PACS Konica