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0-2006 GE 12x Signa Excite HD Mobile MRI Scanner 2005 Ellis & Watts Trailer 12x Software 8 Channel RF System Coils: 8CH Brain 8CH CTL Spine 8CH Body Split Head TMJ Large Shoulder Small Shoulder Extremity Chimney HD T/R Knee High Res Wrist Medrad Injector 45% Helium Level Located in TX 03-26-23 57139 2006 MOBILE 12x Excite HD Mobile 1.5T MRI GE
1-1999 Mobile GE 9x 1.5T MRI Scanner 102" trailer CXK4-LCC magnet (cold) 4 channel RF HiSpeed SGD Gradients Octane Computer SW rev level 9.1 Options: Cine Clariview DW EPI E3DTOF EPI Fast Gradient Echo Fast Gradient Echo Fast Spin Echo & FLAIR FLAIR EPI FSE XL Functool 2 iDrive Interactive Vascular Imaging MRCP3 Phase Contrast Vascular Imaging Proactive Service Sgdperf Smart Prep SPECIAL SSFSE SSFSE MRCP T2 Breathhold Three Plane Localizer Time of Flight Voxtool Coils: CTL GP flex NV array Quad head Quad knee Small and large shoulder Torso array 102 Ellis & Watts Trailer (1999) CSW-71 compressor Helium Level 37.5% 4.557 PSI Has DOT & Title Repair recommended on the Gradient Power Module, System Support,Module SSM, Chillers 03-26-23 57252 1999 MOBILE 9x 1.5T Mobile 1.5T MRI GE MOBILE 9x 1.5T GE
2-Philips Intera/Achieva 1.5T Mobile MRI Scanner 16 RF Channel system running Achieva Release FreeWave Software. System was upgraded to CDAS in 2013. DOT inspection last week, passed. Generator starter re built and batteries replaced. Inspection last week on system and image quality incrediable system passed. F2000 Style magnet Cryogenically efficient magnet Single air cooled gradient amplifier 30 mt/m Coply 281 plus gradients Digital R/F deck Electric MT Style Patient Table Calumet Coach DOM 2008 Software options: Basic SW IHE Workflow Smart Scan Brain         Body Resp Navig 2D-VCG 6 RF channels      8 RF channels            MSMP Reserved           Extended FOV       Keyhole                  Cardiac-Trig IR DWI                Thrive                   Q-flow                         Prosp Motion Corr Contrast enh. Perf       Moving bed ima     Adv. Moving Bed ima      T1 Perfusion Multivane          Retrospective            Black Blood prepulse    Perfusion Calc 3 point planscan   Rescan             Diffusion calc.          RT-BOLD analysis Multistation View  Advanced EPI       R2/R12 enhancements      Q-flow analysis GraSE              3D brain View      High SENSE factors             Multi station view Phase Navigators   TE>TR        Functional MRI Coils: 16 channel Neuro Vascular Head Coil Quad Head Sense Spine 15 CH Shoulder Large & Small 4 CH Sense Knee 8 CH C1 Coil Sense Flex Medium Sense Breast 7 CH 01-26-23 56883 - Intera/Achieva 1.5T Mobile 1.5T MRI Philips Intera/Achieva 1.5T  Philips
3-Siemens Symphony 1.5T Mobile MRI Scanner 2004 Kentucky Trailer, Condition: Good 1.5T 4 Channel Symphony Condition: Good Standard Coil Set COLD Magnet- 74% Helium 8 x 48 ft trailer with workstation Available Jan 2023 12-07-22 56723 - Symphony 1.5T Mobile Mobile 1.5T MRI Siemens Symphony 1.5T Mobile Siemens
4-2005 SIEMENS SYMPHONY 1.5T MRI SCANNER AVAILABLE NOW LOCATION: AK 11-10-22 56580 2005 Symphony 1.5T Mobile 1.5T MRI Siemens Symphony 1.5T Siemens
5-GE 16 X 16 Channel Mobile MRI Scanner Fully loaded, always under OEM service, in pristine condition inside and out with only 2,000 miles on the coach 04-25-22 55552 - MOBILE 16x 16 Channe Mobile 1.5T MRI GE MOBILE 16x 16 Channe GE