0-2008 Siemens Symbia T Series SPECT CT Scanner CT tube went out on the unit in March of 2023, but the nuclear medicine imaging is still fully functional and accredited by the ACR 05-23-24 59114 2008 Symbia T SPECT/CT Nuclear Camera Siemens Symbia T Siemens
1-2013 GE OPTIMA 640 SPECT/CT SCANNER General purpose High Performance Hybrid Spect system with a dedicated sub-system CT for High Resolution CT imaging OPTIMA NM/CT 640 Acquisition workstation Includes Xeleris 3.1 Processing Workstation with Evolution LEHR, MEGP collimators Nuclear Medicine, PET, NM/CT and PET/CT Processing analysis and review. Evolution, Full Body with local segments for Bone, Heart, kidneys, pancreas and other anatomy selection organs Sub-system CT is used for Attenuation correction of SPECT and Anatomic localization of Radiotracer. Integrated low-dose CT with 4 slice functionality. Has 3/8 Excel crystals-Elite NXT detectors with 59 High resolutionQUANTUM PMT tubes. Extra large, Rectangular UFOV. Shielded 40-620 Kev Energy. 70cm Bore and featuring Real time Automatic Body Contouring scanning in 180 degrees and 90 degrees. Real Time Status display. Real time Infrared Auto body Contouring. ECG Trigger. 05-22-24 58932 2013 Optima NM640 SPECT/CT Nuclear Camera GE Optima NM640 GE
2-2002 GE Millennium MPR Nuclear Camera No DOM Tag on the system Estimated date of manufacture based on hospital records GENIE Acquisition Software Single Head Collimator: MEGP Del Computers Condition: installed and Working Location: AL Available: Immediately 05-08-24 59060 2002 Millenium MPR Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera GE
3-2014 GE Discovery 670 SPECT/CT Scanner SW Version D3186T Performix Ultra Eco Tube (approx. 584 patient scans) De-installed by GE Available now Location: TX 04-30-24 59024 2014 Discovery 670 SPECT/CT Nuclear Camera GE
4-2016 SIEMENS SYMBIA EVO SPECT CT SCANNER Whole Body SPECT digital dual Acquisition Foresight Detectors Complete with Acquisition and Processing PCs SYMBIA EVO VB10E software Syngo VY21A Windows 7 with Version 6.1 Auto QC Collimators: Low Energy and Medium Energy Options: NMG Auto Contour.NMG 90_76 Acquisition. NMG 180 Acquisition. NMG Whole Body. NMG WB TOMO. NMG Acquisition. NMG Display. NMG Processing. GET Worklist. NMG CEDARS QPS.NMG CEDARS QBS. NMG CEDARS General License. NMG Support. NMG PostProcessing. NMG FUSION. NMG CEDARS_Companion. CEDARSQPS. Flash 3D_General. NMG Flash3D_CARDIAC. NMG Display. NMG CT ToolBox. NMG CEDARS_PlusPack20. Processing Planar. Study_Set Up. Outer Room. NMG GURNEY. NMG General Purpose. Auto QC. PPM Display. SCATTER. CARDIAC_Scatter. General Scatter. VOLUME_SPECT. MR Support. NMG CEDARS_Suite2012. Available Now Located in Southeast US 04-13-24 58609 2016 Symbia Evo SPECT/CT Nuclear Camera Siemens Symbia Evo Siemens
5-2008 GE Ventri Nuclear Camera Dedicated Cardiac Gamma Camera with XELERIS 3. Year 2008. Dual head digital detector with Acquisition Xeleris 3. Includes ECT tool box with full cardiac software package and small organs .Compact Dual Head Gamma Camera for office or outpatient center, Cardiology and small organ use. VENTRI Acquisition HP 4300 and Processing HP Z400 PC Station and XELERIS 3 for Processing Platform. Includes 1 set of LEHR Low Energy High Resolution collimators. Detectors: 1 ADC/PMT, 9.5mm; Crystals are 42 x 22, 28 PMTs, 90 degree fixed angle, Xeleris 2 processing. Includes system gantry and patient table the IPS Station (Integrated Power Supply). Includes: System software for Ventri and Xeleris 3, Three LCD flat monitors, 1 bar phantom, System gantry, system stand Ventri IPS, Collimator, UPS, system Acquisition and processing station 04-03-24 58933 2008 Ventri Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera GE
6-GE Millennium MG Nuclear Camera Location: TX Available now 03-18-24 58884 - Millenium MG Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera GE
7-GE Ventri Nuclear Camera Location: TX Available now 03-18-24 58885 - Ventri Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera GE
8-GE Optima NM640 SPECT/CT Scanner Location: TX Available now 03-18-24 58888 - Optima NM640 SPECT/CT Nuclear Camera GE
9-2005 GE MILLENIUM MG BLUE NUCLEAR CAMERA CARDIAC and Whole Body studies / look out cancer with isotopes , Cequal with XELERIS 2.0 and 2014 Genie acquisition 4.5 with IBM series 205 server . Cardiac Ivy Trigger included.Dual Head MG Nuclear Medicine Dual-detectors Digital Gamma Camera. Has XELERIS 2.1 processing with Cardiac, Cequal Cardiac IVY monitor and whole body general studies. Three sets of COLLIMATORS: 1 set of Low Energy High Resolution (LEHR) , Medium Energy MEGP and High energy collimators 03-18-24 58892 2005 MILLENIUM MG BLUE Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera GE
10-2012 PHILIPS CARDIO MD NUCLEAR CAMERA Includes: Ivy Biomedical Cardiac Trigger Monitor 3000, APC Smart UPS model 2200 Location: AL 02-18-24 58721 2012 Cardio MD Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera Philips
11-2007 GE Ventri Nuclear Camera Ventri Model H3000YT GE Ventri Table Model UGP001591 Ventri Integrated model NM Xeleris 2 view Hand Control ECG Trigger Some patient accessories Windows System Manuals Only performs cardiac imaging There is a clear path for removal Ground Floor Will need a liftgate at Origin Installed and operational Located in Maine Available now 01-14-24 58569 2007 Ventri Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera GE
12-2008 GE Infinia II Nuclear Camera Gold sealed by GE in 2021 and was never used Still sitting in the hospital and has never been installed Catalog #: L3000WT Serial number: 15777 Location: MO Condition: Refurbished by GE and never installed 01-08-24 58550 2008 Infinia II Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera GE
13-GE INFINIA NUCLEAR CAMERA Dual Head, Dual-Head Variable Angle, Digital, Spect Whole Body Gamma Camera, 17 Monitor, Acquisition Genie Station and Xeleris 2, R-Wave, ECT Tool, Automated, Simultaneous Dual Collimators, 90 Degree, 3/8 Crystal Thickness, General Tomography, Cardiac, Kidneys, Renal, Bone, Gastro, Pulmonary, 3D rendering, 3D filter, 59 Photomultiplier Tubes, PMY Per Detector, Real Time Body Contouring 01-02-24 58521 - Infinia Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera GE
14-SIEMENS SINGLE HEAD ECAM NUCLEAR CAMERA LOCATION: NJ 12-16-23 58499 - E-Cam Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera Siemens
15-2007 Siemens Ecam Nuclear Camera Good operating condition Still in use Needs to be Deinstalled Rig out by December 23 12-05-23 58449 2007 E-Cam Nuclear Camera Nuclear Camera Siemens