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0-2008 Hologic Fluroscan Insight 2 C-Arm Location: CA 06-25-24 59186 2008 Fluoroscan Insight 2 Mini C-Arm Hologic
1-2019 Orthoscan FD Mini C-Arm Unit was functional besides it lost the ability to connect to wifi The facility has removed the hard drive 06-24-24 59229 2019 FD Mini C-Arm Orthoscan
2-2012 Orthoscan FD Mini C-Arm Location: FL 06-05-24 59170 2012 FD Mini C-Arm Orthoscan
3-2009 Orthoscan HD Mini C-Arm Model: 1000-0004 Laser Positioning Printer Foot-Switch Complete and Working Location: LA Available now 05-04-24 59028 2009 HD Mini C-Arm Orthoscan
4-2022 Orthoscan Mobile DI Mini C-Arm Touch screen 04-13-24 58480 2022 Mobile DI Mini C-Arm Orthoscan Mobile DI Orthoscan
5-2013 OrthoScan High Definition Mini C-arm Fully functional and immediately available Location: OH 03-18-24 58864 2013 OrthoScan High Defin Mini C-Arm Orthoscan
6-2020 Orthoscan Mobile Mini C-Arm D1 Digital X-Ray/Fluoroscopy Combination 20% KVP boost feature Orthoscan cart with mobile transport steel case 24" LCD Non Surgical Accessory Cart Monitor Custom Embedded Operating System Onboard software interface for ease of control USB archival/PACS compatible Gifted Touch MediLuxe Rx4-2000 Medical Procedure Table Vitality Spine CENTER Centrifuge 90KVA 03-10-24 58835 2020 Orthoscan Mini C-Arm Orthoscan
7-2014 Orthoscan FD Mini C-Arm Digital Windows OS 2Kx1.5K Flat Panel CMOS Digital Detector 20.1" 2 MP Monochrome TFT LCD Monitor Articulating Monitor Arm 30 FPS CINE Over-Rotation 150 Orbital Rotation 380 Pivot Surgical LED Lights 8,000 Image Storage Last Image Hold Real Time Averaging One Shot Frame Integration Motion Artifact Reduction Edge Enhancement Image Boost DiCom Silicone Rubber Patient Keyboard w/ Touchpad Wireless Footswitch Sony Printer 02-18-24 58711 2014 FD Mini C-Arm Orthoscan
8-2009 Hologic InSight2 Mini C-Arm Single 1Kx1K LCD, Split Screen Monitor Dual Mode 6/4 Image Intensifier Windows Operating System 4,000 Image Storage LIH-Last Image Hold Patient Key-Pad Entry Contrast Expansion Automatic Edge Enhancement Frame Averaging Touch Screen Auto Dose Rate DiCom Ethernet Port Sony Printer Foot Pedal 02-18-24 58712 2009 Insight 2 Mini C-Arm Hologic
9-2015 Hologic Fluoroscan Insight 2 Mini C-Arm Good overall used cosmetic condition with some wear. The unit powers on without error and performs an X-Ray test. No further testing completed Software: Fluoroscan InSight Version 6.0.1 Input Voltage: 100-120V~, 220-240V~, Size: 5x20mm Fuse Type: T10.0A/250V, T6.3A/250V, Size: 5x20mm X-Ray Controller Assembly DOM: October 2015, Part Number: ASY-08273 Thermo Kevex X-Ray Model: PXS11-100-35-ROHS, Part Number: 5973-8000, Max Voltage: 75kV, Max Power 7.5 Watts, Max Current .100mA, DOM: October 2015, Target Material: W, Spot Size: 45 microns C-Arm Assembly Part Number: ASY-02495, DOM: October 2015 X-Ray Collimator Assembly Part Number: ASY-08493 Part Number: ASY-00871, DOM: October 2015 Image Intensifier Part Number: MEL-00644, DOM: October 2015 Options Installed: DICOM Send, DICOM Print, Worklist Monitor Touchstone Technology, Inc. - Model Number: FPM1187, Power Rating: 24V, 4.16A Included: Foot Switch SONY Digital Graphic Printer UP-D898MD 02-04-24 58659 2015 Fluoroscan Insight 2 Mini C-Arm Hologic Fluoroscan Insight 2 Hologic
10-2014 Hologic Fluoroscan InSight FD Mini C-Arm NON-WORKING: Needs new motherboard Comes with wireless pedals 01-25-24 58490 2014 InSight FD Mini C-Arm Hologic InSight FD Hologic
11-2022 Oorthoscan Mobile DI Recently inspected and works great 01-15-24 58473 2022 1000-0005 Mini C-Arm Orthoscan
12-2016 and 2015 Hologic Fluoroscan Insight FD Mini C-Arms Flat Panel Detectors Excellent condition 12-20-23 58469 2016 Insight FD Mini C-Arm Hologic Insight FD Hologic
13-2012 OrthoScan Mini C-Arm Location: TX Available now 11-06-23 58278 2012 OrthoScan Mini C-Arm Orthoscan
14-2013 Orthoscan MDI Mobile Mini C-Arm Good Working Condition Good Cosmetic Condition No photos, inspection based Located in Midwest Available now 11-04-23 58273 2013 MDI Mini C-Arm Orthoscan
15-2008 Fluoroscan InSight 2 Mini C-Arm Location: IL 10-24-23 58234 2008 Insight 2 Mini C-Arm Fluoroscan Insight 2 Fluoroscan